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Gufo Err

The flexible and robust python error handling framework

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Python Error Handling

Errors are in human nature - so any modern software may face errors. Software may contain errors itself, may be affected by third-party libraries' mistakes, or may weirdly use third-party libraries. Computers, operation systems, and networks also may fail. So proper error handling is the key component to building reliable and robust software.

Proper error handling consists of the stages:

  • Collecting - we must catch the error for further processing.
  • Reporting - we must log the error.
  • Mitigation - we must restart software if an error is unrecoverable (fail-fast behavior) or try to fix it on-fly.
  • Reporting - we must report the error to the developers to allow them to fix it.
  • Fixing - developers should fix the error.

Gufo Err is the final solution for Python exception handling and introduces the middleware-based approach. Middleware uses clean API for stack frame analysis and source code extraction.


  • Clean API to extract execution frames.
  • Global Python exception hook.
  • Endless recursion detection (to be done).
  • Local error reporting.
  • Configurable fail-fast behavior.
  • Configurable error-reporting formats.
  • Error fingerprinting.
  • Traceback serialization/deserialization.
  • CLI tool for tracebacks analysis.
  • Seamless Sentry integration.

On Gufo Stack

This product is a part of Gufo Stack - the collaborative effort led by Gufo Labs. Our goal is to create a robust and flexible set of tools to create network management software and automate routine administration tasks.

To do this, we extract the key technologies that have proven themselves in the NOC and bring them as separate packages. Then we work on API, performance tuning, documentation, and testing. The NOC uses the final result as the external dependencies.

Gufo Stack makes the NOC better, and this is our primary task. But other products can benefit from Gufo Stack too. So we believe that our effort will make the other network management products better.