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What is "Gufo"?

Gufo means the Owl in Italian.

Why the owls?

We love owls and the viable parts of our technologies were proven at the project, named "the Owl".

What is "Gufo Labs"?

Gufo Labs is the Milan-based company specialized on network and IT consulting, and on software research.

What is "Gufo Stack"?

We've extracted core components behind the NOC and released them as independent packages, available under the terms of the 3-clause BSD license. Our software shares common code quality standards and is battle-proven under the high load. We hope our key components will help the engineers and the developers to build reliable networks and robust network management software. See more for details.

Why I shouldn't use the plain __import__ function?

You can use __import__ function, but you need to add a boilerplate code to find the real plugin implementation. Also, you need some kind of wrapping to settle the type hinting. And you need to reimplement it again and again in every new project. Consider the Gufo Loader as the library and the methodology, based on best practices.

How can I load and initialize all plugins on startup?

Loader.values() and Loader.items() are import the modules and perform all plugins initialization. So just wrap them in the list: