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Gufo Thor

Simple NOC management and evaluation tool

Getting Started Source Code


Gufo Thor is a simple tool designed for quickly setting up and evaluating NOC. It's tailored for new NOC users who want to assess NOC's capabilities and NOC developers who need a fast development environment. Thor takes care of the complexity of NOC management, making the process straightforward.


To use Thor, make sure you have the following software packages installed:

  • Docker
  • docker-compose or the compose plugin
  • Python 3.8+


To install or update Thor, follow these steps:

  1. Create a dedicated directory where all configuration files will be stored.
  2. Navigate to the newly created directory.
  3. Run the installer:
    curl | sh
  4. After installation, NOC will be launched, and your browser will open at

Log in using the following credentials:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

NOC Operations Cheat List

Execute all actions from the directory containing the Thor configuration. If you are using venv mode, ensure to activate the virtual environment (venv) before utilizing Thor.

. ./bin/activate

Start NOC

Use the following command to start NOC:

gufo-thor up

Once NOC is ready, you will be redirected to Log in using the following credentials:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Stop NOC

To stop NOC, use the command:

gufo-thor stop


Thor's configuration is in the thor.yml file. You can use preconfigured defaults:

gufo-thor sample-config -t <name>

Where <name> can be:

  • simple - Minimal setup with a web interface only.
  • common - Setup with widely-used features for monitoring and network management.

The thor.yml structure:

# Gufo Thor configuration
version: "1.0"
  tag: master
  installation_name: Unconfigured Installation
  port: 32777
services: [web, card]

Adapt the file to your needs and start NOC:

gufo-thor up

On Gufo Stack

This product is a part of Gufo Stack - the collaborative effort led by Gufo Labs. Our goal is to create a robust and flexible set of tools to create network management software and automate routine administration tasks.

To do this, we extract the key technologies that have proven themselves in the NOC and bring them as separate packages. Then we work on API, performance tuning, documentation, and testing. The NOC uses the final result as the external dependencies.

Gufo Stack makes the NOC better, and this is our primary task. But other products can benefit from Gufo Stack too. So we believe that our effort will make the other network management products better.