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To use Thor, make sure you have the following software packages installed:

  • Docker
  • docker-compose or the compose plugin
  • Python 3.8+

System-Level Installation

For dedicated NOC hosts, use this installation method. It installs Thor and all required libraries into the system default location.

curl | sh

Python VENV Installation

For evaluation, testing, and development purposes, use this installation method. It creates a dedicated Python virtual environment (venv) and isolates Thor along with all dependent libraries from other systems.

python -m venv .
. ./bin/activate
curl | sh

Later, when using Thor, make sure to activate the virtual environment (venv):

. ./bin/activate

Checking the Installation

To check the installation just import the module

gufo-thor version


To upgrade existing Gufo Thor installation use pip

$ pip3 install --upgrade gufo-thor


To uninstall Gufo Thor use pip

$ pip3 uninstall gufo-thor