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Collectors Reference

This section contains the formal reference of the supported collectors, their configuration, generated metrics, configuration and output samples.


All collectors share a common part of the configuration.

Parameter Type Description
id String Collector's ID. Must be unique per agent instance.
type String The type of collector. See Collectors for available types
interval Integer Repetition interval in seconds
labels Object Additional collector-level labels


- id: File System
  type: fs
  interval: 10

gufo-agent allows appending user-defined labels to the collector's output. User-defined labels are set as key-value pairs:

- id: dns1
  type: dns
  interval: 10
    dc: DC1
    project: P1
- id: dns2
  type: dns
  interval: 10
    dc: DC2
    project: P2

Available Collectors

Type Description
block_io Block I/O devices statistics
cpu CPU statistics
dns Perform DNS request using system resolver
exec Execute command and read output
fs File systems statistic
http Perform HTTP request
memory Host's memory statistics
modbus_rtu Perform Modbus RTU requests
modbus_tcp Perform Modbus TCP requests
mysql MySQL instance statistics
mysql_query Perform MySQL queries
network Host's network interface statistics
pgbouncer PgBouncer statistics
postgres PostgreSQL instance statistics
postgres_query Perform PostgreSQL queries
procstat Process' statistics
redis Redis instance statistics
scrape Fetch data from OpenMetrics/Prometheus endpoints
sockets Host's sockets statistics
spool Read files in openmetrics format from a directory
twamp_reflector TWAMP reflector for SLA probing
twamp_sender TWAMP sender for SLA probing
uptime System uptime