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spool collector

spool reads files in OpenMetrics format from a directory and exposes collected data. The files are scanned in alphabetical order, parsed, and removed (unless the dry_run option is set). See OpenMetrics Format Specification for the recognized file format.


The common collector's configuration is:

Parameter Type Default Description
id String Collector's ID. Must be unique per agent instance.
type String Must be spool
interval Integer agent.defaults.interval Repetition interval in seconds
labels Object Additional collector-level labels
relabel Array Optional relabeling rules. See Relabeling Rules for details

The collector-specific configuration is:

Parameter Type Default Description
path String Path to the spool directory
trust_timestamps Bool false Ignore timestamps in output, if false
dry_run Boolean false If set to true - do not remove files

Config example:

- id: Spool
  type: spool
  path: /var/gufo_agent/spool

Collected Metrics

Metric Metric Type Description
spool_jobs Counter Total spool jobs processed
spool_jobs_success Counter Spool jobs processed successfully
spool_jobs_failed Counter Spool jobs failed to process
spool_parsed Counter Parsed metric items

In addition to the own metrics spool exposes metrics read from the files.


spool collector appends the following labels:

Label Description
path Spool directory path

Sample Output

# HELP job1 Result of the running of job1
# TYPE job1 gauge
job1{collector="spool"} 15 1683550695
# HELP job2 Result of the running of job2
# TYPE job2 gauge
job2{collector="spool"} 15.9 1683550695
# HELP spool_jobs Total spool jobs processed
# TYPE spool_jobs counter
spool_jobs{collector="spool",path="var/spool"} 1 1683550695
# HELP spool_jobs_failed Spool jobs failed to process
# TYPE spool_jobs_failed counter
spool_jobs_failed{collector="spool"path="var/spool"} 0 1683550695
# HELP spool_jobs_success Spool jobs processed successfully
# TYPE spool_jobs_success counter
spool_jobs_success{collector="spool",path="var/spool"} 1 1683550695
# HELP spool_parsed Parsed metric items
# TYPE spool_parsed counter
spool_parsed{collector="spool",path="var/spool"} 2 1683550695