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Building and Testing


cargo build --release

The final result will be placed to ./target/release/gufo-agent

cargo build

The final result will be place to ./target/debug/gufo-agent


Fast check:

cargo check

More detailed check with clippy

cargo clippy

Running tests

cargo test



Before running profiler install Valgrind:

apt-get install build-essential valgrind

Then install iai-callgrind-runner:

cargo install --version 0.3.1 iai-callgrind-runner

Docker devcontainer must be run in --priveleged mode, i.e. ensure, that .devcontainer/devcontainer.json has proper runArgs setting:

    "runArgs": [

Run Benchmarks

Run all benchmarks:

cargo bench

Run benchmarks for specific crate (i.e. twamp):

cargo bench -p twamp

Building Documentation

To rebuild and check documentation run

$ mkdocs serve

We recommend using Grammarly service to check documentation for common errors.