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fs collector

fs collects the host's filesystems' statistics.


The common collector's configuration is:

Parameter Type Default Description
id String Collector's ID. Must be unique per agent instance.
type String Must be fs
interval Integer agent.defaults.interval Repetition interval in seconds
labels Object Additional collector-level labels
relabel Array Optional relabeling rules. See Relabeling Rules for details

Config example:

- id: File System
  type: fs

Config Discovery

fs collector supports the Config Discovery by default. To disable a particular block use the --config-discovery-opts option:

gufo-agent --config-discovery --config-discovery-opts=-fs

Collected Metrics

Metric Metric Type Labels Description
fs_inodes Gauge mount, type Inodes used
fs_inodes_total Gauge mount, type Total inodes count
fs_inodes_available Gauge mount, type Inodes available
fs_free Gauge mount, type Free disk space, bytes
fs_total Gauge mount, type Total disk space, bytes
fs_available Gauge mount, type Available disk space, bytes


fs collector appends the following labels:

Label Description
dev Device path
mount File system mount point
type File system type (i.e. ext4)


fs collector ignores the following file system types:

  • cgroup
  • devpts
  • overlay
  • proc
  • sysfs

It also ignores all file systems mounted besides the following paths:

  • /dev/
  • /proc/
  • /sys/

Sample Output