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procstat collector

procstat collects the host's processes' statistics.


The common collector's configuration is:

Parameter Type Default Description
id String Collector's ID. Must be unique per agent instance.
type String Must be procstat
interval Integer agent.defaults.interval Repetition interval in seconds
labels Object Additional collector-level labels
relabel Array Optional relabeling rules. See Relabeling Rules for details

The collector-specific configuration is:

Parameter Type Default Description
expose_labels Array List of value to enable optional labels. See Labels for details
self_pid Boolean Include agent's own pid
pid_file String Optional path to pid file
pattern String Optional regular expression that matches the process' command line
cmd_separator String Separaror for cmd and __meta_cmd labels
env_separator String ; Separator for __meta_env label

Config example:

- id: procstat
  type: procstat
  expose_labels: [user]
  self_pid: true

Collected Metrics

Metric Metric Type Platform Description
ps_num_fds Gauge Linux Number of open files
ps_num_threads Gauge Linux Number of threads
ps_voluntary_context_switches Counter Linux Total voluntary context switches
ps_involuntary_context_switches Counter Linux Total involuntary context switches
ps_minor_faults Counter Linux Total number of minor faults which do not requirie loading memory from disk
ps_major_faults Counter Linux Total number of major faults which require loading memory from disk
ps_child_minor_faults Counter Linux Total number of minor faults that process waited-for children made
ps_child_major_faults Counter Linux Total number of major faults that process waited-for children made
ps_cpu_time_user Counter Linux CPU time in user mode in seconds
ps_cpu_time_system Counter Linux CPU time in system mode in seconds
ps_cpu_time_iowait Counter Linux CPU time iowait in seconds
ps_cpu_usage Gauge Linux Total CPU usage in percents
ps_mem_total Counter Linux Total memory
ps_mem_rss Counter Linux Resident set size
ps_mem_swap Gauge Linux Swapped-out virtual memory size
ps_mem_data Gauge Linux Data segment size
ps_mem_stack Gauge Linux Stack segment size
ps_mem_text Gauge Linux Text segment size
ps_mem_lib Gauge Linux Shared library code size
ps_mem_locked Gauge Linux Locked memory size
ps_read_count Counter Linux Total read I/O operations
ps_write_count Counter Linux Total write I/O operations
ps_read_bytes Counter Linux Total bytes read
ps_write_bytes Counter Linux Total bytes written


procstat collector appends the following labels:

Label expose_labels Description
process_name Name of the process
user user Process' effective user name
cmd cmd Full command line separated by cmd_separator
__meta_cmd __meta_cmd Virtual label version of cmd
__meta_env __meta_env Virtual label containing the process' environmenr separated by env_separator

expose_labels may take the following values:

  • user - Expose user label.
  • cmd - Expose cmd label.
  • __meta_cmd - Expose __meta_cmd label.
  • __meta_env - Expose __meta_env label.

Config Discovery

procstat collector supports the Config Discovery by default. To disable a particular block use the --config-discovery-opts option:

gufo-agent --config-discovery --config-discovery-opts=-procstat

Process Name Rewritting

Sometimes, the process name is non-unique and misleading. Then the Relabeling Rules come to the resque. Consider we have a set of the services launched by run command using syntax

run <service>

Then we can configure procstat collector to fetch proper name to the labels:

- id: Procstat
  type: procstat
  expose_labels: [__meta_cmd]
  - source_labels: [__meta_cmd]
    regex: "run (.+)"
    replacement: "$1"
    target_label: process_name
    action: replace

Then the process_name label will contain service name, instead of run.

Sample Output