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http collector

http collector performs the HTTP request and collects query statistics.


The common collector's configuration is:

Parameter Type Default Description
id String Collector's ID. Must be unique per agent instance.
type String Must be http
interval Integer agent.defaults.interval Repetition interval in seconds
labels Object Additional collector-level labels
relabel Array Optional relabeling rules. See Relabeling Rules for details

The collector-specific configuration is:

Parameter Type Default Description
url String Request URL

Config example:

- id: GufoLabs Site
disabled: true
type: http
    project: Gufo

Collected Metrics

Metric Metric Type Description
http_time_ns Gauge Response time in nanoseconds"
bytes Gauge Response size in bytes
compressed_bytes Gauge Compressed response size in bytes


http collector doesn't append its labels, though they can be configured via labels option.

Sample Output

# HELP http_bytes Response size in bytes
# TYPE http_bytes gauge
http_bytes{agent="gufo",host="d20e7299d8e1",zone="DC1"} 1256 1682757242
# HELP http_compressed_bytes Compressed response size in bytes
# TYPE http_compressed_bytes gauge
http_compressed_bytes{agent="gufo",host="d20e7299d8e1",zone="DC1"} 1256 1682757242
# HELP http_time_ns Response time in nanoseconds
# TYPE http_time_ns gauge
http_time_ns{agent="gufo",host="d20e7299d8e1",zone="DC1"} 180379199 1682757242