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Installing Agent

Automated Install

curl | sh

Binary Downloads

The binary downloads are available from each of the Github Releases page in the "Assets" section.


  1. Download .deb file from Github Releases
  2. Install
    dpkg -i <deb-path>
    where <deb-path> is a path to downloaded .deb file.

Other Glibc Linux Systems

  1. Download archive gufo-agent-<version>_linux_<arch>.tgz, where:
    • <version> - package version
    • <arch> - desired architecture
  2. Unpack archive:
    tar zxf <tar-path>
    where <tar-path> is a path to the downloaded archive.

Building from Source

  1. Clone Gufo Agent repository
    git clone
  2. Go to Gufo Agent directory
    cd gufo_agent
  3. Install proper Rust toolchain
  4. Build
    cargo build --release
  5. Resulting binary location is ./target/release/gufo-agent