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uptime collector

uptime collects the host's system uptime.


The common collector's configuration is:

Parameter Type Default Description
id String Collector's ID. Must be unique per agent instance.
type String Must be uptime
interval Integer agent.defaults.interval Repetition interval in seconds
labels Object Additional collector-level labels
relabel Array Optional relabeling rules. See Relabeling Rules for details

Config example:

- id: Uptime
  type: uptime

Collected Metrics

Metric Metric Type Description
uptime_uptime Counter System uptime, in seconds


uptime collector doesn't append its own labels.

Config Discovery

uptime collector supports the Config Discovery by default. To disable a particular block use the --config-discovery-opts option:

gufo-agent --config-discovery --config-discovery-opts=-uptime

Sample Output

# HELP uptime_uptime System uptime
# TYPE uptime_uptime counter
uptime_uptime 149461 1682413628